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About us

Founded in 1991, our car wash has grown to become one of the most popular ones of all competition that surrounds us here…

A family-owned business from the very start, the company which has been founded by two Hefner brothers is now managed by one of them – Karl. We’ve reached a quick recognition among the local car owners for a few good reasons. Long story short, that all was made possible thanks to keeping our focus on providing a wide range of car washing, waxing, protecting & vacuuming services, on par with fair pricing policy and great speed of work… Our strategic location at a junction of Interstate 95 and few minor local state’s highways surely gives us an upper hand too.

Meet the Team

Karl Hefner


Karl was one of the two Hefner brothers, who initially founded this business in 1991. Just returning from a tour to Iraq and Kuwait, these two former marines were determined to make their venture run like a well oiled (and washed) machine…

Harold Walker

Senior Supervisor

Mr. Walker is the ultimate leader of the team, located in the chain of company’s command immediately below our owner Karl Hefner. His prior experience of working at Texaco company makes him no stranger to vehicles and their needs…

John Boowl

Senior Specialist

John is one of our youngest employees. Having his career started with us, immediately after graduating from a Syracuse University in the neighboring state of New York, John has become an essential part of all of the operations that we do here.

Adam Lancaster


Adam knows what he’s talking about when it comes to any 4-wheel driving vehicle… His enthusiasm towards the cars universe makes him do his work at a best level possible, making him an invaluable part of our team.

Here’s Why Our Car Wash is the Best One:



If you’re not living in the 50’s, it is actually quite hard to find a car wash nowadays that offers it all. Our full-package servicing ranges from body wash & waxing to rims, tires, interior and more!



Recently we’ve tried to compare the speed of our car wash, as opposed to 5 competitors next to us. Folks, we determined that our car wash was 2X faster, saving you 15 minutes each time!



As car owners ourselves, constantly caught in a loop of suburbs-city commuting, we recognize the need for a 24/7 car wash! Our service gives you such a possibility, making it easy for anyone!



Throughout all our business operation, we’ve always tried to uphold the Fair Pricing policy that we’ve instated at the day 1. Despite all the oil prices volatility, we are able to offer a better pricing!

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